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Top 5 Loan Agency In The UK

Loan is sometimes crucial in a man's life and business, and can make it easier to start or set up a business of your choice while you pay back at a scheduled and agreed period of time.

In UK, there are so many loan agencies that are willing to offer you loan if you are interested, you can just walk into any of the agencies and within a short period of time you get your cash, in as much as you are deemed qualify.

Here, is a list of the top five loan agency in the United Kingdom, amongst numerous available options, based on review on their site and customers opinion on their services. 

1. UK Credit

First on the list and with a full five star rating on Google, they are well deserved of the first position.
What do UK Credit offers?

  • Low rates from 39.9%
  • Your guarantor may be a tenant or a house owner 
  • You deal directly with them which means no third party is included
  • Fixed rate interest, your payment won't change during the loan.
  • You can borrow from £100 - £1000
What do you do? Just visit their Websiteand get a quote within few minutes. They are rated.9.4/10 with customers lauding their customers relationship.

2. Lendable

Lendable is a financial institution in UK, and deservedly came second in my ranking. Lie their slogan and claim, they are truly built on simplicity, speed and transparency. They claim to approve a new customer every 30seconds which is outrageous.

They are rated 4.6 out of possible 5, which shows their service is above average and close to distinction.
Visit their WebsiteFor more information about their service.

3. 1st Stop Group
Third on the list is 1st stop group, Located in Blackpool, comes third with a rating of 4.2 out of 5.
They offer cash on personal loans, home loans and also car loans.
And made it so easy to access the type of loan on their Website
Since it inception in 2004, they have been doing so great, and their minimum loan is £1500 and maximum of £50000.

Hmmm... Number four on the list due to the rating it received.
Wonga is an online loan system with a little high interest rate. Described as a short term loan, they are true to their words.,loyal and transparent.
As it is  boldly written on their homepage, they explained some points such as

  • Their loan should not be used as a long term financial solution
  • Their loan should not be used to manage existing debt
  • Late repayment will means extra money and will affect your credit score
  • You should only take loan if you are Comfortable you can repay on time
These above stated words defines Wonga, they offer you loan within a very short period of time (basically between 25 - 31 days) aside from the newly introduced 6months repayment.

Once you get the loan and you set the repayment date, they automatically deduct it from your debit card as every transaction is made only, though they pay within 5 minutes for loans within the range of £50 - £600.

5. Speedy Cash

And finally on the list, speedy Cash is the last on the list.

Speedy cash offers customers three ways to get loan, online, via call and by visiting their offices. They provide loans such as payday, installment and auto title loan and some more.
To get more information, visit their Website
Top 5 Loan Agency In The UK Top 5 Loan Agency In The UK Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on February 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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