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Tips To Getting A Very Quick Loan

All You Need To Know Before Applying For A Loan

Getting loans can be very handy but the process to borrowing money can be very difficult. A little mistake can cause your request to be rejected and you know what that results in - You won't be getting any money - which you would definitely need at the time. So why not learn ahead of requesting for loans.

Where Can You Get A Loan?

You can get loan from two Sources, The Government and from a private Organization. 

  • From the government, it's in two ways, the government can give you loan directly or you get a loan from a private company, whereby the government are ready to bear consequence - they pay if you fails to - which favors the lender. And
  • From a Private Organization

 Be it directly from a bank, a friend, family members, borrowing from friends and family can be easier and reduces cost, but try to make everything formal  by taking all details to writing.

Getting a loan from bank and other lending organizations, will take a little protocols and if you follow suit, you will get easily. 

After getting to know where to get loan, you should know the kind of loans Available

There are majorly five types of loan,
Auto Loan - You get loan to buy vehicles
Education Loan - You get loan to sponsor your academics
Home Loan - Loan for buying a home
Business Loan - Loan for setting up or expanding your business.

Know Your Credit Score

The truth is credit plays a huge role in getting a loan, which is why you need to have a good credit. The history of your borrowing and getting loans plays a huge part in getting a loan.
How do you get Credit? You simply need to start from somewhere, get a loan and pay more, do this for sometimes and you have a good credit which will make lender want to give you loan at a better rate.

You need to have a very good credit score because it's the first thing the lender will consider and all credit file submitted must be mistake free, because a silly mistake might hinder you from getting a loan.

Be Sure To Understand The Loan

This is one of the assignments you need to carry out. You need to understand the loan you are getting, there are some factors you will need to consider, factors like how do you pay the loan back, is it once or monthly or weekly? What is the interest rate? Will I pay through a certain way (perhaps the lender requires you pay electronically through your bank account) just make sure you understand all terms and conditions stated by the lender.

Also, it's good to get a loan you can easily pay back, not the type of loan that will hinder you from being able to do some other important things. Like it will be crazy not to have an income and want to go for a loan, so you can easily calculate the amount of your income that will go for paying back the loan. Lenders call this debt to income ratio and will like to see nothing above 30%.

So to summarize my above explained points, You are ready to get a loan when
You have selected the best loan type that suits you
Shopped for competition(the loan with the best interest rate)
Have a good credit
You Understand the rules of the lender.

Finally, go through Underwriting

This means after you have submitted your request, the lender will perceive you as a potential borrower. This may be immediately or can take some weeks, because there are differences in the required document depending on the type of loan you are applying for. Like mortgage loan requires bank statements and pay tubs to make sure you are able to repay the loan. It will be easier if you have gotten everything on ground months before applying for loan.

So during underwriting, the lender will study your credit like i stated earlier, and review your application, and may occasionally put a call across to you which is a good statement. It means they are considering the underwriting serious and might offer you the loan. 
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