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TBT: See OritseFemi Throwback That Will Shock You

In Nigeria music industry, most artists have once spoken about their roots and their struggles before becoming big in the industry, not all went smoothly, highlighting their struggles as the core part of their success story, but none is to be compared to OritseFemi.

Now one of the biggest artists in the country, carving a quiet different style for his songs, with it uniqueness making it fans favorite, you won't believe who you are about to see. 
Earlier today, the recently wed singer, shared this picture on Instagram, the picture was taken after the release of his song 'mercy of the lord' featuring a friend, though they were both referred to as junglist.

You would quickly recognize him, but this is ehm, just can't describe him with a word. His fans were quick to thank God over the dramatic change in his life over the years.

Compare to his recent picture and be amazed just like I am.

TBT: See OritseFemi Throwback That Will Shock You TBT: See OritseFemi Throwback That Will Shock You Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on January 18, 2018 Rating: 5
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