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OMG: Read This Hilarious Reply To Correct Bro's Post

Correct Bro is one of the biggest Facebook page in Nigeria when it comes to comedy, a page meant for hilarious posts and jokes that can make you go crazy.

Since the inception of the Facebook page which  also now has a website, CorrectBro, which has over five thousand likes, it's given their followers a platform to sometimes share their opinion in a funny way. 

Recently in the group, a picture containing some words was uploaded(the way the user Operates) and requested their follower to describe their bank account balance with a song. Within minutes thousands of comments begins to flow in, and we took our time to scan through the comments and pick the funniest of all.

A Facebook user with the name Attama Young comment on the post is the funniest of all, describing his bank account with the famous Westcliff song-An empty street, an empty house. His comment gathered over six hundred reactions and over a hundred comments.

Some other comments also looks cool but not like this.
Attama Young, you are a darling. Thanks for making us smile.

OMG: Read This Hilarious Reply To Correct Bro's Post OMG: Read This Hilarious Reply To Correct Bro's Post Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on January 17, 2018 Rating: 5
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