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Olamide Plait His Son's Hair; Share On Social Media

Nigeria indegenious Rapper and YBNL record label boss Olamide Adedeji, popularly referred to as Olamide as his stage name and 'Baddo' his self acclaimed name, shares a picture of his Son, Mimiano Batifeori Adedeji, on Instagram, revealing his Mimiano's hair style.

Olamide, Known for his swags and surprising styles, is now transferring them into his sons body, by plaiting the boy's hair, a weird decision.

According to the caption which accompanied the picture, Olamide made it known the boy came visiting him during the festive period and he spent a very good time with him.

According to the culture of his, a boy nor man is not permitted to plaiting hair aside being a diety call 'sango' priest but things has changed and can be put to as civilization.

Sharing the picture on his Instagram page lead to divided opinion amongst Olamide's followers with some agreeing it's a new life style and some disagreeing with him.

Olamide himself, is not always save from criticism, the last, caused by his decision to feature YomiSars in his fourth edition of his annual concert, 'Olamide Live In Concert' OLIC 4, which many fans boycotted and blasted him on social media platforms.
Olamide Plait His Son's Hair; Share On Social Media Olamide Plait His Son's Hair; Share On Social Media Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on January 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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