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Mercy Aigbe Celebrate 40years In Grand style

Actress Mercy Aigbe celebrates her 40th birthday in a superb and fascinating way.

Beautiful actress, born on the new year day forty years ago, marked her birthday and shared her feelings on social media platform, on instagram sharing so many beautiful pictures, and my favourite - where she put across her neck a tag with the words Mercified @ 40.

She flooded her instagram page with her pictures, she uploaded some gifts she received and also pictures taken with her daughter.

Mercy Aigbe, congratulated by so many celebrities and fans alike, had to apologize to her followers as 'she'd be flooding their page with her birthday pictures'.

It will take a little while before one can believe she is truly forty years of age with her very young looking face and stature she has.

Here are some picture

Then she shared one with her daughter

Followed by the mansion cake she received by a brand
and some more

Mercy Aigbe Celebrate 40years In Grand style Mercy Aigbe Celebrate 40years In Grand style Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on January 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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