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How To Save Video You Watch On Facebook

Facebook is a very beautiful social media platform which over billions of people access on a daily basis, it set for you a platform to meet family and friends and as well make friends with thousands of people around the globe.

Also, Facebook keeps developing and upgrading, always giving users a new feature on the site that keeps communicating easier. With the latest feature, uploading videos on your timeline, as well as using it as,'your day'.

Thousands of users uses this feature a lot, so many people uses it to its greatest effect, just like myself, but there's this issue so many people have contacted me about, and I promise to get back to them in a very short time.

What's the problem?
I receive messages like, 'Hi Nathaniel, I am having issues saving any video I see on Facebook, or Mr. Nathaniel, how can I download videos I watch on Facebook?
And this post has just the answer to those questions?

So How Do You Download The Videos You Watch On Facebook? 

On Android and your personal computers, if you follow the steps I am about to outline, then you find all the videos you see on Facebook saved in your file manager. 

1. Download ES File Explorer

Have you come across ES File explorer before?
ES File explorer is an application that makes it easier to assess all your files including the hidden files,which is why I am recommending the application to do the job.
It's very easy to download and you can get it on Google play store or 9apps, install the app and open it.

Let's get going, when you open the app, you get something like thisp


Are you there? Just swipe from right to left, it then shows you your storage, then you select either the external card or the phone storage, now I use phone storage.


Next, select Android, and you are in the next stage.


Then click on data, you have


We can see Facebook Logo there, and if the logo is not displaying click on com.facebook.lite(in this case I use Facebook life on my phone) same applies to all other Facebook app you use. Click on the Facebook icon or the name, it then takes you to the next stage,


You have the cache folder and the files folder, just ignore the files and select the cache folder, you are then taken to the next stage


We are gradually coming to a conclusion, after clicking on the cache folder, you have three new folders, the font, the images and the videos, now you select the videos, then you are here


Now, for my Android, the six folders represent six different videos I have seen on Facebook, all I just need to do is to select a folder,


Now we are in the final stage,after selecting a video file, you will get something like this, two unsupported files, but don't worry, you are still getting it, just select the 000000(mostly sixteen digits) and ignore the one metadata.json.
When you select the file, some options pop out,
And finally, select video, you can use any video player you have on your phone and you get the video. Repeat for every folder from the step 5 and you get all your videos you have watched on Facebook.

I hope it helps... 
How To Save Video You Watch On Facebook How To Save Video You Watch On Facebook Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on January 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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