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3 Reasons Why You Must Never Propose To A Man

In the aftermath of the famous and pitiful mall scene in Lagos state last week, I expect you to already know what I'm driving at - the guy rejecting a rare lady marriage proposal, he walked up to her, gave her a hug and whispered into her ear he is married.

Believe me, that's stupidity at the highest order which could be put down to the lady as her fault, how possible could you have been dating a guy and you won't know he's married? It simply means she didn't carry out her assignments before doing what only few people had done.

The above paragraphs are not what this post is meant for, but laid a great platform to write and encourage our ladies not to do what this young heartbroken lady just did. God alone knows what she would currently be going through after the public embarrassment(of the highest order) she received in the mall.

Here I'm about to explain why a lady should never, I repeat should never, propose to a Man.

It Does not Sound Nice

Being a lady, a normal lady that's well oriented, this(marriage proposal) and white wedding is what a blessed woman is known for, it's what they cherish for the rest of their lives, it determines how they are being ranked amongst the best 'married women' or you still don't get. Let me put it this way, it gives them joy when they discuss it amongst their friends and family, you probably would have come across something like 'you won't believe that night, a man gave me a call my boyfriend had an accident and he is in a terrible condition and has been admitted to a hospital, I lost my mind and all I remembered was I picked my car keys without putting on a sandal, on getting to the hospital, I saw people gathered, his best friend and his sister were weeping soberly, I grabbed his friend and asked for the direction of the doctor's office , when I got there, the doctor told me it was a fatal accident but I demanded I want to see him, the doctor agreed and took us all there and getting there, there was bandage all over him, and his sister held me close, consoling me, behold when I turned back, my boyfriend was on his kneels with a ring box in his hand, and the rest, as they say, story.

This was the last wedding proposal testimony I witnessed, it was heart touching and made the lady proud while recalling to the incident she described as the greatest day of her life, even ahead of the happiest day, which she called her wedding day.

Imagine yourself in such group, where ladies are discussing about their road to marriage, sharing beautiful moments their Man proposed to them and you will Start to think your village people are after you and didn't make you also a testifier to such beautiful moment. Instead you will be like, it was me that proposed to my man. How did it sound to you.

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It Shows You Are Under Pressure 

My sister, something would have Lead you to thinking about this issue, that's for sure, which could be termed as the pressure of getting married. Are you under pressure to get married so soon? Are you being pressurized by your parents? By your friends? Or still by yourself? Maybe because you are getting older and you feel there is no time. It's normal for those that fall under this bracket to at one stage think about this.

But, if you can exercise patience and tame him to assure you about getting married to you, then all will be fine.

He May Not Be Ready

Here is the major point. Do you think a guy that truly loves you and have everything going fine won't get down on that his kneels? Surely he would. But some things might still be obstructing his ways, barriers such as age or trying to get more financially, or better still he's still considering his options. He might love you but still loves another lady more than he loves you. Now imagine yourself proposing to such guy, a guy you are not 100 percent sure he loves you, he will surely turn down your proposal.

Instead build your relationship with him, study him, understand him, gain his trust, be proud of him, encourage him and you are gradually building your way into the first on his list and also his heart.

Not all married women or about to Wed women were all proposed to by their husbands or husband to be, but it's rear. But if it's left to me to decide, I will still suggest no lady should propose to a man, you should be proposed to, keep the pride and say yes to your man, not the other way round, wait, be patient, and everything will come to your favor.

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