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I Will Make Epe The Biggest City In Lagos - Governor Ambode

The Governor of Lagos state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has promised to make Epe, a small city in Lagos state the biggest city in Lagos state, in a motivating speech he delivered at the one Lagos fiesta held in the city of Epe.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode decided to attend the fiesta in Epe, leaving out other cities like Agege and the Island.  addressing a crowd of over one thousand people, he narrated a little story of his life, he revealed he was born in the general hospital in Epe, and he grew up like everyone in attendance ,and urged all residing in Epe to pursue a wonderful career,
'I was born just like you here in Epe, in the general Hospital over there, I grew up like all of you and today, with hardwork and Grace, I am here today, I pray many more governors will be from this crowd'

He also stated he was very pleased with the behavior of the crowd in attendance, promising them to spend the remaining Christmas in the city of Epe.

'I am very happy with what I see today, with the behavior of you all, and I promise to spend the remaining Christmas of my regime with you' he said, more to the joy of the crowd, as they all scream in joy, praising the Governor.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode then made the promise many will look out to, with the people of Epe cheering him up, he promised to make Epe, the biggest city in Lagos state before the end of his tenure, a feat that looks quite difficult.
With the Island, Ikeja and recently berger looking beautiful, Governor Akimwunmi Ambode will have to do beyond all he's done to fulfil this promise. He stressed further, saying he'll make it a bigger London, when told by a citizen to make Epe a 'small London'.
'Before the end of my regime, I will make Epe the biggest city in Lagos state, I promise...I won't make it small London, but a big London'

Also, before leaving the stage, Mr. Governor told the crowd he'll like to dance will them, and the DJ in attendance, DJ Spinall, played Manya by Wizkid, the crowd were stunned when the Governor sang along with the song and danced before leaving the stage.

I Will Make Epe The Biggest City In Lagos - Governor Ambode I Will Make Epe The Biggest City In Lagos - Governor Ambode Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on December 26, 2017 Rating: 5
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