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How To Bypass Copyrighted Images

I know a lot of bloggers and article writers have come across 'this image is subject to copyright' and, then you have to keep searching for another image. Blogging and freelancing is beautiful, it makes you share your thought to a lot of people. However, you encounter so many problems and files subject to copyright is one great one you need to avoid at all cost.

What's copyright?
Copyright, is a legal right created by a law of a country to give a creator of a work( original) the exclusive right for its uses and distribution.
In a simple way, it means you have the right over the way your work is being used, be it soft copy or hard copy.

To be honest, it can get really annoying when you need an image to best describe a blog post or an article, and you searched through Google and all the images are copyrighted, you just draft the post or you need to contact the owner, or you risk your site containing a plagiarized content, which could lead to bans.
If it were texts written, you can easily read thoroughly through the content, and reframe it, but when it comes to images, it's somehow difficult

What do you do?
After going through such pains, having to either sell the post or draft it,( I never tried contacting the owner) I got a little idea on how to bypass copyrighted images, a very simple strategy, which I have been using for quite a while and everything seems to be fine.

I will outline the steps below and it will surely solve it

  • Go straight to the webpage of the image
  • Either you download or you screenshot the page, with the image well positioned(for screenshot)
  • Edit the picture using a photo editing app
  • Rename the picture
  • Finally, add your name or your website URL on the image.
The steps stated above will help you bypass all copyrighted image you'd love to add or have and have access to use it anyhow.
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