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Fathia Balogun And Other Yoruba Artist That Are Not Yoruba

 Five Yoruba Artist Were Never Yoruba

Yoruba Land is quite a beautiful place to be, a land dominated by peace and humility, with it respect incomparable to none in Nigeria, the western part of the country is simply the most important part of the country.

Their ways of doing things calls the attention if other tribes, if you doubt it, ask yourself why Lagos State is overcrowded and the biggest state with asset in Nigeria. Same applies to Nollywood ( the indigenous movies)

Some Celebrities from Other region of the country, ply their trade in Yoruba Movies, and really learnt the language so well that you will find it difficult to believe they are not Yoruba's. 
Below is the list of 5 celebrates that act Yoruba movies but are not Yoruba

1 Fathia Balogun

Legendary mama, Fathia Balogun, is the top of the list, would you believe if there is no evidence? Simply no!
But she's truly not from the western region of the country, though she was born in Ikeja, but her parents are from Delta.
She is been in the industry for over 15 years and has won numerous awards.

2. Rachael Oniga

Mama, hmm, only few will believe, but her name 'Oniga' is not a Yoruba name and this should convince you a little. Anyways she hails from Delta state.
Mama also features in some English Movie, but was known for her mother role in Yoruba Movies, even stating proverbs and parables some Yoruba born parents don't know.

3. Mercy Aigbe

Ahhhh! My Woman Crush
When I found out she wasn't a 'Yorubanian' as we call ourselves, I couldn't cry, it's amazing and true. She's an Edo girl, no wonder she's so beautiful, she speaks the language fluently and also married a Yoruba man.

4. Richardo Agbo

Sounds relatively unfamiliar, but take a look at the picture, then you see he's a familiar guy in Yoruba movies, he's performed in countless Yoruba movies and English as well.
But you'll be shocked to know he's not Yoruba if you are into Yoruba movies.

5. Kevin Ikeduba

Also from Delta state,he cap off the list. Is there anyone better when it comes to the role of an assassin or a criminal in a movie? I dont think so.
He is among the few to act both Yoruba and English movie.
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