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8 Tips To Risk-Free Gas Usage

Do you use gas for cooking? Are you scared to use gas due to the severe damages you heard or witness it caused? Here are some useful tips that will keep you and your household safe from cooking gas explosion.

Majority of liquefied petroleum gas, (generally called cooking gas) Outlets in West African country are not up to standard, therefore endangering the lives of the citizens.

In Nigeria, investing in cooking gas is another beautiful way to generating income within a short period of time, because, majority are changing from other means of cooking and choosing gas as their priority.

Why should you use gas?
let me just summarize the long stories by outlining the points

  • It's the fastest means of cooking
  • It doesn't stain cooking pot and doesn't bring out flames
  • It generates low heat
But, it's highly flammable, and a silly mistake, oh...you understand what to expect!

When I questioned some people that still don't use cooking gas at this stage,  their reply was straight and clear; they can afford it but they don't want to lose their life and that of their loved once. 

So what are the solutions?

With the little knowledge I have acquired through lectures and as well working with some gas companies( still working with one though), I came up with this some points I will be explaining below, I strongly believe if yo can work towards the points, you are safe.

1. Make sure an expert help you install the cooking gas stove

This is the first thing to do, always seek for an expert to help you out, because you were there when they installed your neighbours cooker and it didn't take up to ten minutes doesn't mean you can do it yourself! Accept you are not a literate when it comes to this field.

2. Read Owners Manual

After purchasing a new product, you are expected to go through the owners manual, for more knowledge on how to use.

The first two rules are termed general rules, they are applicable to all home appliances you buy.

3. Never Use A Phone When Gas Is On

Never use a phone while gas is on, be it in the refilling outlet or in the kitchen. Some will disagree, because they have actually been using it, i also did! I made phone calls while refilling customers cylinder and nothing happened. But to be honest, i was just fortunate! Just as does that did it and got away with it.

To summarize

  • Don't make calls when the gas is on
  • Neither should you use your phone flashlight, instead get a torchlight or you put on the generator.
4. Ensure You Turn Off The Regulator or The Burner Control


What is a regulator?
A regulator is a small external gas control,connected to the valve of the cylinder and the hose, which goes to the gas stove/cooker. It's used to regulate gas!

What's a burner control
Long gold iron is the burner control

A burner control, is a device, it has the same function as a regulator; is connected to the main gas burner ( for the 3kg, 5kg and 6kg cylinders).

Ensure these are turned off when not in use, as it may leak gas out when not properly turned off.

5. Keep Away From Children

Please, this is quite important! Any child(ren) below the age of 15 should not operate a gas cooker. This is not a rule stated by any law enforcing organization but by me!
Children are playful and can make mistakes.

6. Use Gas Lighter Instead Of Matches

Using matches is okay, but i'd advice you to use a gas lighter.

7. Ensure The Light Is On Before Turning The Gas Control

How to turn on a gas cooker( for those that are not using an auto ignition gas cooker)

8. Avoid Any Naked Light In The Kitchen

Make sure all electrical appliances in the kitchen are properly installed, and no naked light is on!
  • Light the match stick/lighter
  • Turn the gas knob to the ON direction
  • Move the match stick/lighter closer to the burner
This is a proper was of turning on a gas, get yourself used to this!

With the above stated points, I believe you are safe from gas explosion.

A single mistake with gas can cost lives but it's easy to use... 
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