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Libyans Kidnap Nigerians, Demand $5000 For Ransom

Nigerians in Libya are currently going through perhaps the worst phase of their lives as they are being tormented in the country.

Leaving Nigeria in search of a greener pastures, they instead landed in big trouble, some already lost their lives with the Libyans no it taking things easy at all.

Earlier this year, rumours have it that Nigerians are being killed for fun in Lybia, and now, they have decided to turn it into a profitable business, they kidnap the immigrants, and demand for a ransom of whopping $5000.

This was made known by a Facebook user, sharing the picture of guys badly beaten, all in white top and a white pant all stained by blood.

If this is true, then it devastating and ridiculous, and the police in the country (Libya) should try to find a solution before things get worse.

More image below

Libyans Kidnap Nigerians, Demand $5000 For Ransom Libyans Kidnap Nigerians, Demand $5000 For Ransom Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on November 25, 2017 Rating: 5
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