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You Shop On Konga and Jumia? Beware of Mr. Mike (A Fraudster)

Konga and Jumia are by far the greatest online shopping mall in Nigeria, with great number of people patronizing them daily.
You hardly regret ever shopping with them with as they  are a very reliable and trustworthy, and deliver the goods wherever you want it delivered!

Nothing great comes without its disadvantage! People are now falling victim of being duped online, ordering for goods and paying with the goods not being delivered! My sister actually happens to fall victim.

Initially, we thought it was a mix up and perhaps the phone ordered was delivered to the wrong person! But after heading to Jumia's nearest office, then we found out it was never a Jumia Official but a man that's currently working on bringing down the two great shopping mall.

It was her first time shopping online, and she never thought of what the outcome happened to be.


She went online and saw the phone of her choice, not more than #20,000, then she saw a phone number she was to contact, of which she did, according to the man, named Mr. Mike, she's to pay before she get the phone, he forwarded the bank details and she paid into it, and she's yet to receive the phone as of today!

I haven't really bought anything from the two shopping mall, but I don't think they would have been operating with a bank account which display a man's name and not that of their Name!

Due to the location she was ordering from, he (Mr. Mike) informed here it would be delivered to her the third day and they ended the conversation, She's still expecting the phone today!

The problem now is, getting to the nearest Jumia office, they claimed the man was never their staff nor marketing manager as he keeps describing himself to people, and as of the time we went to report, we were told a case similar to ours was also tabled before them 3 days earlier.

All effort to get this man proved abortive, and the same phone number he gives people is still working, though it goes off once in a while.

Same case was reported by a friend of mine about Konga as well, with this same man behind it! Beware of Mr. Mike!

Anytime you feel like shopping online with your preferred shopping mall, make sure you check and confirm if the bank account you are paying to belongs to the Company and not just anybody!
Be wise! Don't and up like my sister!
You Shop On Konga and Jumia? Beware of Mr. Mike (A Fraudster) You Shop On Konga and Jumia? Beware of Mr. Mike (A Fraudster) Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on October 27, 2017 Rating: 5
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