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OMG! American Actress confirmed she was raped.

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  American Actress Gabrielle Union confirmed she was raped by Gunman

Beautiful American Actress, Gabrielle Union, has rather announced a bizzare news earlier today that shook the whole world.

As a popular Figure, the 44 years old, took to Twitter to share the bad memory, stating she was raped at a gunpoint, by a thief who just finished robbing a store nearby.

She didn't hide the incidence as she came out strongly to defend women against rape, or any kind of domestic violence.

According to her, something actually prompt her to tweet it, revealing after she shared the incidence with her friends, she was asked to talk about her dressing, suspecting to be indecent.

Having kick-started her acting profession in year 1993, it's hard to know a very popular figure could still be raped.

Opinions were divided though, with some fraction of her followers praising her for coming out strong, while some claimed they expected her to have hid the story.
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