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Just In: Police,Hausa men clash at Akute Bus Stop

     Policemen at Akute Bus Stop were chased away by angry Hausa Men

2:00pm today at akute is a day the people at the bus stop will not forget.

There was a great clash between Policemen and the group of Hausa men at the Bus-Stop.
As at the time we got there, we witnessed a police car being burnt down by the angry mob after a Police killed an Hausa man.

According to report, the policeman wanted to shoot a 'yahoo boy' and miss the target, eventually killing an Aboki man. It lead to clash between the two group as the sound of gunshot was heard from afar.

Meanwhile, some eyewitness reported that the police didn't kill, rather releasing tear gas on the Hausa man which lead to him being unconscious.

Another man, who pleaded to remain anonymous complained about the act of the policemen of late, bullying transporters and traders, threatening to blow off their head.

All we could confirm is that there truly was a great clash and the police car was totally burnt down, as of the time of this report, there's no single policeman at the Bus stop.

Pictures could have well been taken, but the Mob threaten to destroy any instrument perceived as camera Instrument.

Stay glued to our website for more update on the issue.
Just In: Police,Hausa men clash at Akute Bus Stop Just In: Police,Hausa men clash at Akute Bus Stop Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on October 13, 2017 Rating: 5
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