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EXTRA - TIME: Review Chelsea vs Arsenal, 5 points learnt

Community shield is a curtain raiser for the new season, with the FA Cup winner clashing with the premier league winner.
The game was between Arsenal and Chelsea, and the gunners came out victorious, Chelsea players and fans alike can take heart though as it is just early days.

Five points learnt from the game;

1. Morata is not a finished product

Alvaro Morata, signed from Real madrid few weeks ago, added little to change the game, he still has a lot of work to do, Adapting to a new culture, learning a new language and as well as commanding the box, if he's to justify his price tag.
He's not yet at Costa's level, the level of a striker that can decide a game. To cap off the point, his missed penalty summarises his performance.

2.Lacazette is set for business

Arsenal fans can at least rejoice because it seems their striking problem has been solved. He put in a really good performamnce only to be denied his dream debut goal by the goal post. Without pressure, and Sanchez staying put to support him, you can expect a good goal return from the french man.

3.No Hazard replacement

Eden Hazard really contributed to chelsea's premier league success last term, and he was really missed in the match today. If Chelsea are to go far in all competition this season, they will need Hazard as well as his replacement, either by buying quality or player like Pedro, Williams increase their level.

4. Kolasnic future is bright

The left back was excellent today, never looked like a new signing, and when you realise he's signed for free, you credit Arsene Wenger for the transfer. His composure with the ball, willingness to attack( he scored a header) and as well covering up the flank, makes it exciting for the gunners fans.

5. Take the positive and work on the weak point

This is the club view of the cup, a pre-season final that helps know the situation of the players.
The two club can just take the positive and work on their weak point respectively..
EXTRA - TIME: Review Chelsea vs Arsenal, 5 points learnt EXTRA - TIME: Review Chelsea vs Arsenal, 5 points learnt Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on August 06, 2017 Rating: 5
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