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WHAT A LOSS! Cheik Tiote Is Dead.

 It's a sad day in the footballing world as it was announced late hours of today, Monday 5th of June, 2017 of his demise.

The Ivorian International, fell unconscious during training with his football club, Beijing Enterprise Group FC and was rushed to the hospital, on getting there, he gave up the ghost.

This has lead to the football club to release a statement;
 “At 6pm on June 5th, Mr Cheick Tiote fell unconscious to the ground during training.

“He was immediately taken to hospital, but unfortunately died at 7pm on June 5th. We have informed his relatives of his death.

“After joining Beijing Enterprises Group FC on February 5th 2017, Mr Tiote has made a great contribution to the club and has received plaudits from the coaching staff and team-mates for his superb ability and professionalism.

“We hereby express our sincere condolences following Mr
Tiote’s unfortunate death.”

Our thought are with his family.
WHAT A LOSS! Cheik Tiote Is Dead. WHAT A LOSS! Cheik Tiote Is Dead. Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on June 05, 2017 Rating: 5
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