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When the arrogant is right, expect anything!

On the wake of recent social media bust up between Nigeria Malaysia based richkid Hushpuppi and indegineous rapper phyno, everyone connected to the music industry are on their toes, ready to unite, to fight racism raised against the industry.

Earlier this year, Davido happens to fall victim of the wrath of the so called richkid, when he tried to differentiate between his and davido's riches labeling himself as 'baba olowo' not 'omo baba olowo (OBO)  as davido is fondly called. Not long after, the two settled and as they say, the rest is history. If you are to tag the beef, it should be 'clash of wealth or something close to pit.

Hushpuppi, is wealthy, either you like him or not, his outfit are worth millions of naira, i mean a guy that spent #11million a night at quillox, his designer bags, shoes, e.t,c worth a lot, only few can live a luxury lifestyle he has been living for quiet a while, though his source of income may be questioned and should be, but if we are in his shoes, i can bet most of us will surely do far worse than he's done. Most feuds he's embroiled on, he's won almost all , he boast of his wealth, therefore many perceived him as a bad guy.
 Nevertheless, being wrong once doesnt stipulate you'd be wrong all the time, same applies to "Ray", have you ever thought of the 'cause' of the ongoing feud? What was "hush" trying to insinuate? What will he gain by publicly humiliating a celebrity?

If you think he's doing all these to become famous, i wont say you are wrong, but if we are to judge by his followers on social media, then you'll find out the answer yourself, Olamide a.k.a baddo is one of his followers on Instagram.

He posted on snapchat, accused Phyno and M.I of putting on FAKE Patek wristwatch, he said Fake, ok, he said pirated copy,and he condemned the act of endorsing pirated product just as the whole music industry is against it.

Piracy is a general problem in Nigeria, believe that you will have to send text message to confirm if the drugs you are buying are from the manufacturer, fake currency is being spent in the thirty-six states of the country, a factory of which fake 'coke' is being produced was discovered of recent, not to mention what nollywood and music imdustries go through, pirated copies are released few hours after the release of the real copy.

What's wrong in condemning a wrong act? And if Phyno has disclaimed the accusation, or have proved his innocency, and not have been moved by Hush's insult, things will have been clearer. What if Patek wristwatch decides to accuse him? He'd have gotten a lawyer and proved he is not putting on a fake wristwatch, why cant he( Phyno) just disclaim the false accusation for the sake of his adorable fans that has supported him all this while.

Don't get me wrong, I'm neither in support of Hush nor Phyno, what i am trying to corroborate is that Phyno, in his reply to Hush,didnt disclaim the fact that he's putting on a Pirated wristwatch.

Perhaps it will end like Davido's case, where they will have to settle by posting a vidoe of both hugging, only the future can tell, so i will suggest we sit back and wait in anticipation. With time,we surely will know the end.
HUSHPUPPI & PHYNO SAGA CONTINUES HUSHPUPPI & PHYNO SAGA CONTINUES Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on June 30, 2017 Rating: 5
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