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GUITAR LESSON; chapter 2 - Naming of strings

Thanks for waiting, it took a pretty long time. Anyways we'll be talking about the name of the strings.

Guitar, is a very beautiful instrument to play, it sound is really pleasant, but it can be very complicated, it is a thing you don't rush to learn, it is learnt gradually, if you are not perfect in the first lesson, you slowly forget it.

You need to be determined and discipline as there'd be no one to monitor or correct you.

So if you are with a proper guitar, I mean carrying the guitar the right way then you have something like this;

6  -E
5  -A
4  -D
3  - G
2  - B
1  - E

Note: String one is the tiniest of all string.
 This is the base, basic and root of guitar, try to memorise the name of the string.
We meet next time
NOTE: Play till your fingers bleed.
GUITAR LESSON; chapter 2 - Naming of strings GUITAR LESSON; chapter 2 - Naming of strings Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on June 11, 2017 Rating: 5
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