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 Virgin at 20
 The possible turning impossible

Evolution has had a greater advantage ratio compared to its disadvantage. The so called computer age has made illiteracy become something eradicable, it is so easy you can learn, know, have access to whatever you want to know. It has helped medically, socially, economic-wise and morally just to mention few. social Media gave us so many friends, ideas, access to other continents, made life easier and efficient.

   There is this point that baffles me a lot , the rate at which our children becomes physically "matured" , when I came across the youngest mother in the world, a girl of 9 years Old,  in Kenya, at first it's abnormal, but not impossible, yes, abnormal, because scientifically proven, a female,( even animals) can never conceive without menstruating, think within yourself, she gave birth at the age of 9, which means she was impregnated at the age of 8. whoa!. According to my doctor, a child of eight years must still have part of her milk teeth.
I made a lot of research( late 90's and early 2000's)I Then realized that the average age at which a girl should start her menstruation is fifteen. Even at that age, she'd be shy and ashamed to inform her friends.

       Evolution has made a girl of eleven years, with a small breast just popping out of her chest, menstruate and at the age of fifteen, she's already a mother. most girls you see out there today, they are within the age range of thirteen to sixteen, they possesses a
matured body, controlled by a young mind. Which most guys capitalise on, they take full advantage of their immaturity to deflower them, and take away their thing of pride. most wayward girls never had the plan to become what they are today, their so called boyfriend convinces their young mind that virginity is nothing, and she really loves him, he'll promise her to use a protector, then she allows him in.
 perhaps it's more difficult if not impossible to get a virgin( both male and female( at the age of eighteen due to exposure;the root of evolution, the movies, the songs,  as well as the celebrity are not helping issue.

I hope the mentality of  the computer age will change in terms of virgin and sex.
VIRGIN IN THE COMPUTER AGE VIRGIN IN THE COMPUTER AGE Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on May 08, 2017 Rating: 5
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