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A Perfect Kiss

You move slowly, taking each step gently, not allowing your foot to make a loud sound, you take each step with increase level of confidence, don't smile and don't frown, just try to have a "sorry" expressions on your face, try to be physical, don't let your heart take control over your body, be sure to control your emotions. wait for a few seconds then lift up your hands, do it gently, I mean very gently, don't grab, just touch, hold it, take a step closer, Now turn your neck slowly, moving from O° to 45°.
congratulations to you if you can get it to this stage.

Now, move your body closer, don't forget, slowly, you need to be perfect this time, it demands perfection, you'll have to close your eyes, you close it gently, taking up to four seconds.

Then gradually open your lips, take the final step, place your lip between it, then move your lips continuously.

My dear friend, that's how to kiss romantically, not the type you do as if you are chewing a big portion of meat

Have a good day.
A Perfect Kiss A Perfect Kiss Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on May 16, 2017 Rating: 5
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