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SIMI IS PREGNANT! -candidates responsible

    Perhaps it'd be termed maturity, the ability of singer, simi to cope in the midst of rumour is really suprising. If maturity, is by stature then you should expect her to be childish, linked with Falz today, Adekunle Gold tomorrow.

   She's always at the center of rumour, as the latest one is of another level! She's rumoured to be pregnant! If truly she is, i guess you are thinking what i am thinking, i expect you to know the candidates(i guess are) responsible.

1. Mr. Adekunle Gold

"There is nothing, nothing better than gold" a lyrics in the intro of his debut album titled Gold, perhaps that's what went through simi's head or, they have agreed to collaborate....hmmm, if what we heard is true, that they have been dating before they became celebrity.
I don't think there is anything bad if they have truly been dating...Mr. Adekunle, if you are the one responsible, just tell us now, we cannot wait for nine good months,  only to later find out it's you.

2. Mr. Falz

If simi should come out to say it's  Falz, everybody on earth except Falz will believe, there were times I suggested something is going inbetween this two aside from being colleagues, they were too close.
  I'd like to wait, let simi confirm herself, or with time,  nature surely will do.
Mr. Falz, I say weddon sir.

3.Mr. Somebody
   She may decide to stay away from this two guys, and choose a different choice, Perhaps popular or not, maybe a celebrity or not, I hope it will work out well for her and not end up like most of the celebrity we know.

Anyways, it is her private life, she is free to do whatever she wants,  but we should not be left in the dark.
SIMI IS PREGNANT! -candidates responsible SIMI IS PREGNANT! -candidates responsible Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on April 08, 2017 Rating: 5
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