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Voice of the street; Episode 1- Akute and Alagbole( Case study)

Akute and Alagbole in danger!

       Ogun state is a state blessed with mineral resources, a state that among low profile states will live independently, to show how blessed it is. I am taking about the state that generates more income than Lagos state(industries), this is a state that rule over a state to be(ijebu's) just to show how big the state is.
Ogun state is not blessed with minerals alone but also with so many great individuals, politicians, entrepreneurs, and elite peoples, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of the country, Mr. Mike Adenuga, the founder of globacom just to mention few.
   A state respected for it appreciation of culture, gave little chance to cosmopolitanism, a state that can still boast of all traditional activities, and one of it great tool is PEACE! you hardly hear of a big tragedy in the state.

But under the governance of Mr. ibikunle Amosun, with due respect, things are gradually changing but not for good.

       Akute- Oja, a pretty big city under IFO L.G.A, is a place where thousands of people visit everyday, it's so big that part of the city belongs to Lagos state.
  Although the city has launch so many request to the government house, seeking for reconstruction of its damaged roads, which fell to the deaf hear of the previous regime. As a politician, Mr. Governor played to the city's weak point by promising(through his representative in the community) to reconstruct the roads within months if he is voted in. Eventually, he won the election and the city was full of people optimistic about the future of the city.
Do not get me wrong, the roads weren't as bad as you would have thought, most people wanted the reconstruction due to Lagos state renovating the city close to akute.
Fast forward 12 months after the swear in, the community was informed about the reconstruction, not repairing alone, but constructing new bridges(permit me to say unnecessary bridges) that will lead to so many buildings being destroyed. That was the first tragedy that will shook the city so hard( probably since I was given birth to) when they realized over 100 buildings will be destroyed.

Fast forward 12 months, now in the year 2013, a year that defined the regime of the governor, two bridges were to be constructed in Akute alone, the construction started and everything came to reality, so many buildings were destroyed, immediately hundreds of house owners became tenants, and lead to death of many, According to a woman, " it is (the building) all my dead husband left behind and my only source of income" referring to the two single-room behind hers. Not long after she lost her life.
There was rumour of  compensation, with token amount of #100,000 to each landlord that provides the Certificate of Ownership (C of O).
The bridge was to be completed within 24 months, too much, too long a period it is, but there's nothing to be done as the city got what it has long been asking for. The bridges were constructed to a level and abandoned, and has never been turned to, if only it will be completed tomorrow, but today; NO!
  Ever since, the city has changed, the pretty good roads has now become a stream whenever it rained, once there's rain, the roads become a river and the only means of transportation is by canoe, traffic jam has become a normal thing to experience every day of the week.

  The points stated above, I call minor cases, the Bridge at Alagbole is disgusting, the rate at which lives is being lost there is sickening,the roads are so bad that you can't guarantee a safe return when you take the route while on a journey, the way long truck fall there is now a joke as it is not surprising anymore. Over 100 lives have been lost there, not putting the amount of injured citizens into account. Fatal accident is now a "thing", which shows the level of the disgusting thing.

  Citizens are losing their lives on a daily basis and the Government is there, without conscience, doing nothing. We pray the bridges are completed before the whole of Akute is being killed at the bridge.
Voice of the street; Episode 1- Akute and Alagbole( Case study) Voice of the street; Episode 1- Akute and Alagbole( Case study) Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on March 30, 2017 Rating: 5
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