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It took me three years to complete this write up, at first I wanted to write a book on the topic but later changed my mind. I have not written it to discriminate neither to condemn instead to point out things I feel is needed to be addressed in the church.

 During my period of research, I was admitted into a higher institution of education, which really helped and made me compare and contrast so many denomination (conference).

  Cherubim and Seraphim church is a beautiful church to worship in( only if you find a good  one) a church in my opinion, God really love, blessed with diverse of gift and talent, a church distinguished  from others, but the truth has to be told, if the present youth are the future of the church,  then something must be done very fast before the future comes!
If the foundation is faulty, what shall the righteous do? most of the problem the church is facing is not caused by the youth but by the elders,they claim to know everything, they have little knowledge about the Bible, they based the belief of the church upon herb sellers instead on the word of God, you can hardly differentiate a C & S 'prophet' from an imam(a Muslim priest) all in the name of 'we serve the same God'.
   In my research, I found out most of the churches have what I term 'foundation problem'.
  I summarized some points I feel is needed to be done by the low percentage of the Good,God fearing leaders we have left in the church

  This is one point that really baffled me during the period of my research.The Cosmopolitan nature of the church and the lack of word of God has made it difficult for some members to forsake their culture, and take on them the armour of God(after joining the church, meanwhile, some churches don't have manuals for new convert). Therefore, their source of inspiration has never been God, but in Alcohol, in cigarettes, in weeds.
Most of the artiste in the church( based on my research) takes one of the three I mentioned before they can perform to their best, be it choir or drama groups. And the prophet aswell, in mixing black powder with dry gin(I believe we are familiar with that), The holy spirit hardly inspire anyone!
2. Taking the bible so important
   this is the most annoying part,of all the churches I observed, it's just one person that really quoted bible so much, he backed all his points with good bible verse. The churches placed less importance on the bible and therefore find it difficult to minister when called upon uninformed.
   Instead believe is placed in 'ISE', using all sort of herbs and leaves, e.t.c

You can argue this, because most of them didn't know they do it, I attended a vigil,initially, everything was so dull, boring, I was trying to observe, but immediately the minister in charge (alagba) came in(imagine he didn't start the vigil with us) he walked in in a manner everybody would notice him, immediately everything changed, in a nutshell,  what i observed was they were trying to impress him so they can be noticed.

4.The type of song we sing
      This church is so blessed with songs that the day I was fortunate enough to go through our hymn book, I saw great messages in the lyrics of all the songs, then I begin to wonder, What's wrong with our choristers? why are they now obsessed with obscene lyrics of song? I was invited to a vigil to play guitar, getting there, I played some beautiful songs( worship song), though it was okay, the church wasn't moved, not until the keyboardist plays a circular song 'Lagos boys' by Olamide, the church became lively, they hailed the guy, some youth sprayed him money, that inspires the guy to keep on playing circular songs that I lost counting the number of songs he played!
It makes others see this church as a 'thing' directed, controlled by the forces of the earth and not by God.
 I hope this few point I raised will be considered by the churches, if not now, then later but before the future comes.
N.B: Research was made in Ogun State.
THE FUTURE OF C & S CHURCH THE FUTURE OF C & S CHURCH Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on March 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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