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PMB Health issue

President Muhammadu Buhari.

      The federal republic of Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, hasn't been in the country for a while after he requested to leave in the first month of the year and return of the 6th of February. He's yet to be back, almost a month after his aforementioned return date.
     So many things has been said, from ear issues, to prostrate cancer, to being in Coma, with some even suggesting he is dead. Which has left the nation in great panic and fear.
   Perhaps he's alive or dead, only few can answer and it is not new to us just as the political issue of the country has never been transparent and probably won't be in the distance future( as if we care anymore!)
    The only thing that is certain is that Mr President is ill, not in the best shape medically, although no one expected it to be as worse as it is.
 The question that goes begging and for the sake of the masses is very clear and simple; Why isn't it address in Nigeria?
   We have so many big hospitals in our dear country, be it private owned or government owned, where
 masses has been treated, Mr President is just like us, one of us, in fact we voted him in, so why didn't he just go to a hospital in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in the country? Why london?
   Is this not another way of stealing our money? Is this not another way of corrupting the anti- corruption government?. I hope to hear very soon the amount it cost to treat Mr President and hope they will one day make use of our hospital!
PMB Health issue PMB Health issue Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on March 02, 2017 Rating: 5
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