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With the difficulties going in the country, and the hardship hitting everyone so hard ( perhaps the reason the President is yet to be back), it's has lead to the liquidation of so many organization, both large scale and small firm, it is baffling and not as if it's coming to an end anytime soon.
 Almost everything has increased in the market, (most notably the foods), not slight change, in fact the smallest change is increase by 50%.It's outrageous and ridiculous!
   Some top celebrities came out to voice their frustration, their opinion and cry for change, on behalf of the masses, but it yielded few changes and it is now left to individuals to cope, learn how to live a pretty good lifestyle. Since the salary remain constant( the only thing that fail to change) it is difficult to imagine what the financial aspect of a family will be in a year time of things continue this way.
Here is some tips I feel can actually help cope during this period;
    I don't think there is a better time you really need a scale of preference than now!, You need to list out what your needs are, scale them on their importance,and try to get these goods at a fair price. Spend wisely, cross out what you feel are unnecessary at the moment, focus on the major things you need, not that you totally ignore the minor, but do for now.

  I am sure you didn't arrive at the level you currently are at once, I believe it's a gradual process, you must have lived a life that is not as good as this, you must have gone through hard times, but you SURVIVED! Trust me,you will survive this hardship as well, but the key is maintainance, you should maintain all you have got for now, if you are the type that consumes 2 cups of rice at once, try to reduce it to a cup and a half, it may be difficult, but if you are determined, you will get along with it.

with the points mentioned above, you can survive the hardship the country is currently going through.
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