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Grammatical blunder

Check out this NEPA officials comment on a bill that has got people talking.

  Actually, everything about Nigeria is almost turning out to be a joke. The health issue of the President, The facilities in an international airport ( just to mention few)
But this NEPA official has taken the joke to a new level as she annoyingly commented on a bill writing 'trust me, why no pay, ur  wire will cut off soon'.

The Bill was shared in akute,Ogun state.
  This has just shown the level of  illiteracy at the highest order in our beloved country, and the following question v goes begging;
* How did she get the job, because she must have  been interviewed
*Who interviewed her?
Anyways, as we all know, finding the v answer will be difficult just as the economy of the country.
Do you think she'd be retained after this blunder or sacked as a result
N.B: There are many graduate searching for Job!
Grammatical blunder Grammatical blunder Reviewed by Nathaniel Peter on March 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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